(PAX West 2018) Gato Roboto

As much as I am excited about Gato Roboto, after playing it at PAX, I’m not completely sold. The controls were tight, the story was funny and the idea behind the gameplay was good enough. The problem with starting a demo at the beginning (especially for a Metroidvania) is that you have no powers. You walk around kind of weak, you’ve got no super suit (even though you get it quickly enough), you’ve got to avoid water… it’s all common stuff. At the same time, it wasn’t enough to make me say “pull the trigger”. Amazing things can be done with two colors, that much they showed and there is promise here to be sure. I will either have to see some later levels and some higher form of gameplay from what I’ve seen already or maybe a fairly low price at this point. If the game does get more complex later (which I hope it does) I’d be more than happy to pay more and pick it up day one. I do love the concept, but not the execution at PAX. I’ll wait for more information to surface.

Further Reading on Gato Roboto: Official Page (for when it goes live I guess…) / Twitter

Love it or hate it, let me know!