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Jonathan Amarelo

I’ve got red in my fo-real beard, but other than that, I’m a pretty normal guy.  I started gaming with Tunnels and Monkeys and eventually moved on. Originally I intended to build up a community of like-minded gamers that can, at anytime, log onto any system and have some competent and mutually “mature” buds to frag with. While that’s still the dream, I don’t have the time that it requires. I’m working on developing my own games now and reviews will happen when they happen. Read, enjoy, and comment to your heart’s content; it makes the site seem more legit!


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James Gordon

Crazy ginger man of many talents. If I’m not online playing le video games (PC/Console), I’ll be enjoying my family while playing guitar, banging on drums, or expressing my Celtic roots with bagpipes… to annoy the neighbors. Catch me from time to time on The Backlog with opinions on games, witty dialog, and crazy antics.




Ron NewcombRon Newcomb

Like a fine wine, insight into games gets better with age. Ron is very analytic while still being able to describe a game to you so well that you feel you’ve played it before ever touching it and all the while enjoy reading what he writes. More info will come whenever he feels like writing something here…




Anthony Buck

Anthony Buck

Info coming about as fast as Ron’s. He’s super passionate about every game he plays and is somehow able to play every game like it’s the first game he’s ever played. Knowing him and reading his reviews will make you miss your youthful optimism.




Mary Amarelo

Mary Amarelo

I’m related by choice, not by blood to the TVGBL founder. I’m what you would call a casual gamer. Since my higher education is in accounting, it probably won’t be a surprise that I enjoy the more analytical type games, i.e. puzzles, RPGs, and seek and finds. Before children, I did play the occasional MMO, but now I have other preferences for my time.


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    I wish we had names. 🙁

    We are the nameless ones. I guess better than faceless.


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