Current State: Taken Down/Unpublished

It’s not on the Android market anymore; I broke it trying to fix a bug. You can play a version on the Scirra Arcade though.

Description: Mazungeon is a rogue-lite maze game that has you clicking through randomly selected mazes. Inside each maze you’ll find treasure and enemies on your way to the exit. You’ll need to defeat enemies and loot chests to get enough coins to boost your stats. If you focus on defense and neglect attack you’ll be in for a long fight. If you go the other way, glass cannons have their issues as well. Maybe you’ll focus on speed and simply run away from everything. The issue is, there is always something stronger. Eventually you’ll have to figure out when to fight and when to run. Sometimes, your only option is death, but death is only the beginning. The more you play, the stronger you’ll get with permanent buffs added after you’ve done enough. Can you make it to the end? We’ll see, but this won’t be a walk in the park.

Mazungeon is less of a traditional maze game. Yes, you could just run for the exit, but in the end that will simply get you killed. There’s no energy required to play or tokens that run out; you can keep playing for as long as you’d like. It’s a game of patience and progress. The more you play, the stronger you will get with almost everything you do. You’ll get permanent stat boosts from buffing your attack, defense, health and speed enough. Also, you can gain even more buffs by killing lots of enemies and if you open enough chests (though not a buff to your stats per-se). You don’t get a buff from getting to the exit or walking or flipping switches though, but they do help.

I love mazes. I feel that most maze games on the app stores are too similar and plain. They don’t tend to make mazes very interesting. They feel like they are made simply to fill a hole with a generic “game” piece. I’m trying to bring in something different. I’ve got a few different ideas to bring to life and if you like mazes, I think you’ll find them interesting. Maybe not all of them, but at least a few of them.

I also hate ads in mobile games. I haven’t found a single app where they don’t feel pushed on me and/or intrusive. While Mazungeon will be FTP with ads, they will be used to double in-game rewards and will never be forced on you. You will have the choice to watch the ads and double the reward for opening chests or not and get the regular amount. That said, it will make the game a bit easier so if you were looking to make things a bit more difficult, watch less ads. (Though, I wouldn’t mind you clicking yes every now and then.) You can head on over to Scirra Arcade and give an older version of Mazungeon a try!

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