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Welcome to The Videogame Backlog! I hope you enjoy your visit.

There are a few differences that I would like to point out about The Backlog. It’s a website dedicated to videogames. Reviews and the like and soon I’ll be trying to post about how progress is going in the games that I’m currently developing. These are my passions and the focus of this site, pure and simple. There are others who have helped write for this site, mostly buds of mine. They also have a desire to get their game on. There is one lady that contributed and a fine one at that she is (totally not biased due to her being my wife).

The Backlog is in a constant state of change. It started out as a “Hey, I have a gaming site, let me cover all the stuff and overwork myself.” Needless to say, I’ve got the feeling that if someone wants to read the newest coverage of something, there are already way too many of those sites available. I wanted to bring something a little different. I’ve been working on adding new stuff and streamlining the focus of the site to make life less worrisome for the writers (mostly me though). After all, I don’t get paid (monetarily) for this.

The Backlog will point to Kickstarters that look promising at times, but mostly do reviews for games both new, old and beta. Will there be coverage the latest version of CoD? Maybe, maybe not. Finances and interests will always govern which games get picked up and reviewed. If no one helping or myself care about the latest iteration of a game or we just don’t have time/finances/ability to get a review copy, it’s probably not going to happen. Does that mean the site doesn’t get a lot of internet traffic at times due to not having reviews of those “must have” titles? Yes, and I’m mostly fine with that… mostly.

I want the backlog to offer real, non-paid-for advice on games that you should throw your money at. I want you to get opinions that come from the hearts and minds of the writers. I want your experience to be real. That’s also why I setup a rating system that doesn’t use numbers. Some people run by the numbers, I believe they don’t really give you a good enough vibe for a game. How many times have you seen a movie or played a game that “bombed”, yet enjoyed the heck out of it and told your friends to pick up a copy. How many times has the opposite been true? I would like to be that site that helps push you over that line. When you see a game on sale that you’re not quite sure of, I’d like you to be able to say to yourself, “You know, that one site said this was a ‘Gewd.’ game, I’ll add that to my backlog.”

So there you have it. That is the grand plan as of now. I hope you enjoy the journey. Leave comments and share what you like. Building a community of like-minded individuals is the ultimate goal of The Videogame Backlog. The Backlog is not trying to be sensational, 24/7 up to date, or the same as every other site, I’m just trying to be honest and I hope you, our readers, can appreciate that.

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig


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