PAX Prime 2014: Axiom Verge

Do you miss the Metroid for the SNES or even the original NES? Do you miss the adventures done in that setting, but wish for an upgrade not in HD, but with more thumping music? Axiom Verge is waiting for you then my friend!

Axiom Verge follows a scientist that dies in an accident at his lab. He then “wakes up” in this funky alien looking world with a voice in his head telling him to do things. (I know, it’s a story we’re all personally familiar with, but this time it’s in a game.) You run around and gather upgrades to the gun you pick up and you’re on your way to presumably figure out what in the world is going on. It’s got a lot of promise and it did take me way back when I played it. I was having some flashbacks of Metroid II: Return of Samus. Is good gameplay & nostalgia enough for me to pick up another 8-bit~ish side-scrolling game? We shall see in time.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Love it or hate it, let me know!