(PAX West 2018) World War 3

I got to see snippets of World War 3’s gameplay footage at PAX, and that was about it. The only demo they had there was one that showed off the crazy amount of customization the game has to offer. (That’s a rather ballsy move to show off a shooter with letting you be able to shoot.) It’s rather ridiculous. You can customize your person, your guns AND your tanks. Yeh… tanks. You’ll choose which kind of armor and all that jazz for figuring out how you want everything to work for you. The team there mentioned wanting to make it so there isn’t one set of weapons to rule them all. We all know how it works in a lot of online games. If you play long enough, you’ll notice a meta establish. Which gun is the best, which kill-streak reward, blah blah blah. I really hope they can knock this out. With some destructible environments and some good-looking maps, World War 3 could be very promising. Will it be? I’m not sure, but it’s been a while since a realistic shooter has really gripped me.

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