(PAX West 2018) Risk of Rain 2

I think what’s most impressive is that the first game was in 2D and now they’ve fully realized the Risk of Rain experience into a fully 3D environment. I’m still in awe of the fact that they pulled it off so well. It’s almost reminiscent of when Mario went 3D for the first time. I’m not saying that Risk of Rain 2 will be the next Mario 64, but that it’s incredible what they’ve pulled off here. You’re still looking for the exits and summoning giant bosses and killing everything. It’s pretty glorious. They are also having some old characters come back with the addition to some new ones. I played some robo-chick with an ice wall move and an electric ball of death. It’s was pretty fun! Hoppo Games have made great stuff and it looks like that tradition isn’t stopping any time soon.

Further Reading on Risk of Rain 2: Facebook / Official Page / Twitter / YouTube

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