PAX West 2016: Riverbond

I was told this was another game similar to Minecraft. It is not. Riverbond is a chaotic romp through a voxel world filled with things to break and baddies to kill with up to four players. That said, it was fun!

I can’t say I had a blast, however, I basically spent a good chunk of my time apologizing (after they found out it was me) to my teammates because I kept blowing them up with TNT. I didn’t do it intentionally, but that’s just how it goes with explosives and not knowing how big the blast radius is. In the end, I couldn’t throw it far enough away without hurting myself a little, but I guess I just need more time. This isn’t the first time I was a hindrance to my team, it probably won’t be the last. However, I was the one that figured out how to work my gun effectively and killed the boss… so there’s that.

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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