The Talos Principle Public Test, Try It!

The video below contains spoilers for the public test I’m going to talk about and the game itself (probably). Watch a bit, but not the whole thing if you don’t want the challenge to be ruined.

I’ve already talked about The Talos Principle on The Backlog. The concept is a bit… well no that’s just the story they attached to it. It’s a bit strange in what they are trying to accomplish, but if you ignore their well thought out plans to confuse you and make you actually think about things and concepts you hold in your brain-cage there is also a very awesome puzzle game to be found here.

I just wanted all of you to know that they have released a bit of the demo that I got to play at PAX Prime 2014 on Steam free now. You need to go play it. Personally, the challenges given weren’t very hard, but judging by the trailer for the game itself, they are going to really make my head hurt with all of the thinking. I’m really looking forward to this game! It launches on December 18th, 2014!

Don’t forget to pick up Sigils of Elohim on Steam while you’re at it. It’s another free puzzle game hatched from the same people and game concept. This will get you some extra practice before the launch of The Talos Principle! (Also, it’s on sale now for the usual 10% off.)

EDIT: … and now The Talos Principle is just randomly available (12/11)

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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