PAX Prime 2015: Hob

OK, so maybe Runic Games’ next title isn’t Torchlight 3. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed. On the same note, while looking for their booth, I walked right by it at PAX this year. There was nothing about Torchlight anywhere or its usual color scheme. I had to look a little closer and realized that it was in fact Runic’s booth. You know what’s cool though? Hob is; Hob is a very cool game.

Hob is a 3rd person action game with no dialogue. You have to discover the story yourself and why I don’t have a problem with Hob doing this and do have a small one with Below doing it, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not a minimalist game going for a minimalist gameplay approach. Hob is set in a colorful world with awe-inspiring landscapes that change as you solve puzzles and/or progress. The combat is smooth and fast with an odd-looking assortment of enemies and… well, you’re not exactly the typical humanoid hero either.

Could this be compared to Zelda games? Yeh sure. Does it bother me? Not in the least. Hob is fun and if you’re in the mood for an action/adventure game and not too bummed out about Runic not making Torchlight 3 currently, you’ll enjoy it. Hob was probably my favorite surprise of PAX Prime 2015.

More Hob info: Facebook / Official Page / Twitter

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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