(PAX West 2017) Sacré Bleu

Wrongfully imprisoned in France’s Bastille, you are Enrique LeBleu and you must break out to figure out who framed you! It’s a rather dark premise for such a colorful little game, but Sacré Bleu is anything but dark. It’s a 2D platformer with some puzzle elements that will have you swearing at barrels (which is about as weird as it sounds). The game is more than it seems given that’s the description of the game proper. I was fighting fellow swordsmen and others using a sword and shield and then suddenly zombies.

I’m not exactly sure where the zombies fit into the story other than to add an enemy that you can’t kill. The shield guys acted in much the same way until they fell before my blade. That is unless I ran away because I couldn’t kill them. There’s a small window where they raise their shield to attack, but I missed that at times and when you lose enough life, it’s time to bounce. The regular baddies ended up dying to some classic button-mashing. The gun may have had a different result, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it because I’m rather unobservant at times and I totally missed the sign above the screen telling me what was what. Isn’t that life?

Sacré Bleu was one of the better games at the Seattle Indie Expo #7 due to its fun factor. I think they need a little work on the fighting mechanics because if the video above is what they were going for, that’s not quite how it worked out. There didn’t seem to be much of a reason to kill any of the baddies either so running past them all also seems viable as well. I’m not really sure what they want to do there. The puzzles were spot on and I can see where they are only going to get more complicated. The art style is also fantastic and I really appreciate all these artists going for the “living cartoon” look. I’m very curious to see how the finished product will turn out.

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Love it or hate it, let me know!