(PAX West 2017) REZPLZ

Did you ever play Little BIG Planet and hate everything about it other than slapping your friends and shoving them off of ledges? No? Well I know I did. I really enjoyed it for some (possibly dark) reason. Well REZPLZ is here to help me get some of that feeling back. In REZPLZ, all of the good mages are gone for some reason I can’t remember and two brothers need to go out and kick some evil wizard butts. Now, you’re not shoving your brother off of a cliff here to his demise, but you take turns dying in such a way that helps the other brother progress and then get to safety and resurrect the other. It’s not a 1:1 of what I enjoyed in LBP, but I’ll take what I can get.

REZPLZ is a 2D puzzle/platformer with that deadly twist. The demo mostly settled around jumping on spike traps to create a platform to jump across or off of. There must be more than one way to kill a brother to solve a puzzle, but I didn’t get to play the demo there so that’s me assuming. You do gain more spells, but you’re still terrible mages. I’ve been told that you attain a golem spell, but that turns you into a rock with a face. It sounds rather lighthearted for a game about your siblings dying over and over. I do wish I could have played it a little, but even the demo from their site didn’t have time for me. My computer refuses the file. I might have to wait a while before I actually get my hands on this one.

Further Reading on REZPLZ: Official Page

Love it or hate it, let me know!