PAX Prime 2015: Below

Some of you may be familiar with Below, but PAX is the second time I’ve heard of the title from Capy Games. I got my hands on this title and I’ll admit, it’s got a pull to it that I can’t easily put my finger on.

I loved the art style and the combat was fluid, but I was kind of missing the purpose of the game. I asked of the reps and who said that you could get rather far in the game and not know the story. You’ll have to figure out how to get parts of the story from the game itself. It’s an interesting approach to be sure; whether or not it will pan-out, only time will tell.

Not getting a story in a game that feels very RPG-ish is mildly off-putting. However, the game mechanics were fun and I’ve played plenty of other games that didn’t have a story and lost more a great deal of hours to them. Maybe I can get past that and I’ll pick it up. I’ll no doubt enjoy my time, but without a story (if I suck at finding the story) I’m not sure I’d be playing this game for too long. Time will tell.

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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