PAX Prime 2015: Tumblestone

Why do people keep coming back and try to reinvent Match-3 games? That may be because eventually someone is going to come up with a different formula that knocks you on your butt when you play it. Tumblestone is one of those games.

Just looking at the game, it seems almost like a bare-bones, casual game. With that first impression, Tumblestone reminds me of the Wii/Wii U experience where playing is believing. Tumblestone is a whole mess of fun. There is your usual Tetris vibe and it feels very familiar so it’s really easy to pick up and play. The twist is that it’s not just a line-em-up game, but there is some planning needed if you’re going to succeed. Pick the wrong piece and you’ll be starting over while your friends speed on ahead. This one will be a game I’ll probably be picking up twice. Once on the Wii U and then on the PC for the lan parties. Tumblestone is a game to watch.

More Tumblestone info: Facebook / Official Page / Steam / Twitter

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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