Site Update Shinanagins

Well they decided to update the theme I’m using for the site.  It’s all good, we like updates don’t we?  Well, I decided to try a few things out and they have some pretty cool features like the little tabs added to the right over there… to the right.  If you don’t see them, you’re probably looking to the left.  Either way, now all my Game Reviews are technically not “game reviews” anymore according to this theme.  Funky right?

Well after some debate with the other voices in my head I decided to not redo all of my game reviews right away and just move on from here.  So from here on out you can check out my latest stuff over to the right there with some simple clicking.

Another note for change is that they’ve added in a rating system of 1-10… not sure I’m going to use that, but it’s there now to tempt me like a Toblerone bar.  (Those don’t last long for me.)

Thanks again for reading and feel free to let me know what you think.

Love it or hate it, let me know!