PAX Prime 2015: Typoman

Are you a bit of a wordsmith? Well I’m not, but the demo I got to play of Typoman wasn’t super challenging, but it was innovative. There have been many word games lately that have gone about trying to improve our vocabulary. Most are posed as a game, but end up being a typing game. Typoman actually makes a very literal game with the puzzles consisting of spelling mysteries. I’m hoping it doesn’t get crazy difficult, last time that happened with family around all I could find were four-letter words. It didn’t go very well.

I like this kind of thing. It’s not that I’ve got two kids that will need to learn how to spell and figure out the English language better. They also need to learn more than what’s done on the internet and smartphones lately and this game will use a different part of the brain than most other games will. OK, maybe part of it is that and I have two kids that could benefit from playing a game with a bit of learning in it, but that I could play as well and, as a gamer, enjoy myself genuinely is a large bonus. Count me in!

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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