PAX Prime 2014: Reassembly

While Reassembly may look like another twin stick shooter, this game has got a lot more creative power going on under the hood. There’s a pretty in-depth creative mode where you can make your ship look however you want. You can place thrusters and different kinds of weapons in any form of order to craft a ship that pops up into your brain. You’re given a certain amount of points as a limit to what you can place on your ship as each piece has a certain cost associated with it. I’m assuming that the cap goes up as you “level”. I’ve seen some really crazy looking ships. It seems the only limit is your imagination at times.


The kicker for me is the control scheme. The controls work similar to Triple B. Titles’ Ring Runner. While I did enjoy the story, I couldn’t control the ship well enough to enjoy the experience even though I wanted to play it more. Reassembly’s controls work and make sense for what they have it set up to do, but it’s just not an easy pick up and play scheme for me. I do prefer “traditional” shmup settings where up on the joystick is up on the screen no matter the orientation of your ship or the placement of the thrusters.

There’s still time for them to add another control scheme and that would give this game a bit more appeal in my eyes. It’s got lots of promise so it may be something to keep your eyes on if this is your genre.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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