(PAX West 2018) Spiderman

As a game that I’ve heard a bit of controversy with downgrading graphics and “may not be what people are expecting”… I’m not sure what they wanted. In all honesty, I haven’t followed Spider-Man very close. I stay pretty close to Nintendo and PC exclusive titles for the most part. Spider-Man looked interesting, but I probably wasn’t going to pick it up any time soon.

On a whim I decided to give a try because there wasn’t really a line (which really surprised me). What followed was a fun romp throughout the city, web-slinging around and catching bad guys. It wasn’t super-intuitive, but I got the hang of swinging through the city. In a construction site on top of a building I encountered something I really wasn’t expecting. With how you can pull yourself up to ledges quickly and fling yourself to an enemy with lightning speed, there are elements of stealth to be had here. If you were cautious, you could take out some fringe enemies before the main fight starts. To note: I believe the main focus of the game is the quick thinking, web-slinging and dodging fights and the stealth elements are simply icing on the spider cake.  I wasn’t really looking at this game, but after playing it… I know what I want for my birthday.

Further Reading on Spider-Man: Official Site / PlayStation Store / Twitter

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