(PAX West 2018) Industries of Titan

Have you ever wished Sim City had more spaceship battles? Yeh? That’s weird, but you’re in luck anyway. Industries of Titan is a gorgeous game pulls together the City Building genre with some aspects of the spaceship combat from FTL. I haven’t played it, but people have told me that it’s similar in that you tell your cannons to fire on specific parts of the enemy ships and tell your people to go repair something in yours and hopefully they don’t get shot on the way there. Here, though, you get to design where all of the parts go. Do you want a big fuel tank or a few smaller ones. Larger or smaller batteries, lasers and how many beds are options you can pick as well, but remember your crew members do need to be able to access them. I had a ton of fun with the combat aspect, but they weren’t showing off the City Building at this point. However, from what I have played, I know I really want to play Industries of Titan when it launches.

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Love it or hate it, let me know!