PAX Prime 2014: Apotheon


For me, Apotheon’s main draw is its unique art style. The game is presented in the perspective and colors of ancient Greek pottery: black characters and floors on an orange-ish background. Characters are 2D paper dolls with some physics modeling in their limbs. Buttons control various kinds of thrusts — overhead, underhand, forward — as well as throwing weapons like spears and javelins. Shields are also present, giving the game a vibe like the old NES game Trojan. You’ll find lots of weapon, armor, and item pickups strewn over the game’s nonlinear (but not overly large) stages, and the story and voice-acting of the sack of Troy (or whatever — my history is not strong) give the game some gravitas as well.

It’s well worth picking up if only because there’s nothing else quite like it out there.

Ron Newcomb

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