PAX Prime 2014: Swords & Soldiers II

I’ve seen Swords & Soldiers (the first iteration) on the Wii eShop and it has taunted me for a while. From what I’ve seen, it’s an interesting concept putting an RTS on a 2D plane since I haven’t played one of those before. (I’m seeing a few of them lately though!) Playing Swords & Soldiers II gave me more appreciation for what Ronimo Games has for gamers who want to play a game either solo or with a friend.

The two rounds that I played at Pax were as two different factions. What I was expecting was a pallet swap assortment of armies and that is nowhere near the truth. First up were the Vikings. Not having a single stinking clue on what I was doing or how to control anything I just did the basics. I built six workers (because it was suggested to me), and researched some ranged guys and a spell (also, they told me to do so). I eventually defeated my Imp playing opponent with two simple units and a heal spell. Turns out that was a worthy investment.

The Vikings more resembled Dwarves so I think I may like them more, but the Imp faction was a lot of fun.
The Vikings more resembled Dwarves so I think I may like them more, but the Imp faction was a lot of fun as well. There was a lot more APM required, but still fun.

The second round was an eye-opening moment. Since I kind of felt bad for doing so well with the Vikings, I was willing to play the imps because they were supposed to be more difficult. If you’ve ever played Star Craft, it felt like Terran VS. Zerg. All my units had only a few hit points and a very special/specific role. I had to figure them out as I winged most everything else. Gathering my resources, I researched everything and realized that you can build towers and defend yourself and that the Imps do have a beefy unit. It’s some roided-up imp with a giant shield. There are also super moves that you can use when you save up enough … magic? I’m not sure what it was called. I was introduced to super moves after they were used on me a few times.

Swords & Soldiers II looks like it’s going to be a great arm-punching good time with friends on a couch! It’s got strategy and all that good stuff that, when playing another person, I’m terrible at. I might just save the multiplayer for myself and my kids so I can win since the oldest is almost two. That’s not wrong… is it?

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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