PAX Prime 2014: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

As big of a fan as I have been with the past two Monster Hunter titles, enjoying Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was a no-brainer. Still, I was curious if they were going to change the controls a smidge and ruin something that I love so much: the hammer. Luckily the hammer is still intact and I’m still fairly decent with it.

Online multiplayer? Yes please!

One of the new weapons, the Insect Glave, was fairly interesting. In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate you can now mount monsters and stab them in the back when they aren’t trying to shake you off. With most weapons you’ll have to find a ledge of sorts to jump off of and get on top. With the Insect Glave you are able to do a jump move and get on top if/when you knock them over! That was fun for such a simple mechanic.

A lot of the monsters are the same, but they’ve either added new ones or brought back old ones. I can’t easily tell since, like I said before, I’ve only played a very limited number of the series. This looks like it will be another must buy for myself and any other Monster Hunter fan.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Love it or hate it, let me know!