PAX Prime 2013 – Delver’s Drop

While in beta Delver’s Drop looks pretty interesting.  There will be two basic modes to this top down Zelda-esque game.  The first will be your traditional story mode complete with EXP, level’s, weapon upgrades, completely random dungeons, and physics to affect gameplay.  Not to forget to mention a story.

The second method, which Ryan Burrell(pic below) feels will be the more played version of the two, is call Continuous Drop.  This is a “how long can you last” mode.  You’ll have to clear out the level of bad guys before the door/hole opens up and you can continue on your quest for the higher score.  It’s a simple pick up and play mode and with the iOS market being as it is, I can understand his thoughts.

Delver's Drop
“Every character, enemy, object, and environmental effect in the game interact based on this system, and have properties for mass, friction, velocity, acceleration, and bounciness. This opens up a variety of tactical approaches for solving puzzles, defeating your foes, and turning the environment to your advantage.”  That’s just crazy-town.  These guys will have their work cut out for them.  You can do it guys(and gals probably)!

So far there are three classes to play (eight eventually), the Rogue, Wizard, and Gladiator. Having tried all the classes (at this current point), I believe that the most played class will be the rogue.  The wizard is pretty cool with the ranged attacks and less health.  Like the Gladiator though, he doesn’t really turn on a dime.  The Gladiator needs to make sure of where he’s swinging before he swings because his attack isn’t exactly super fast.  The Rogue’s attack (while quicker) isn’t as strong, but he starts up walking and swinging faster.

It almost feels like the Rogue is the only usable class at first, but that’s on purpose.  They want the classes to feel different.  What’s the point of having multiple classes if they all feel the same.

This is Ryan Burrell. Much like the photo shows, he's a boss! Who wouldn't want to support a dev like this guy?
This is Ryan Burrell, Director of Technical Design at Pixelscopic. Much like the photo shows, he’s a boss! Who wouldn’t want to support a dev like this guy?

I like what they’ve done and this is shaping up to be a pretty good game.  The ETA on this is the end of 2013 and it’s Greenlit on Steam so go favorite it already!

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Love it or hate it, let me know!