ArcheAge: Open Beta Announced! (Kinda… maybe?)

It seems that the open beta for a game I’ve been waiting for a long time is finally having an open beta (Jan 2nd) so I can get my grubby mitts on it.  There are a few snags from what I can gather from the rumor mill. I may need to actually be Korean to play (like needing a Korean Social Number). (I can’t do that.)  Well.. hopefully that won’t be needed and the only obstacle will be the fact that the game will be in Korean and I’ll just fumble my way through the buttons with the help of the internetz!

Here’s some videos to show you guys what I’m talking about.  You can build a ship, house, and/or castle. You can attack other people’s ship and sink them.  Lay seige to another guilds castle… this is a sandbox worth hoping it comes to the states.

It’s almost too much for my heart to take in!  I’m crossing my fingers that this will be an easy “open” beta to get into.

Love it or hate it, let me know!