Nintendo 2DS: It’s Not That Bad

Ok, so it does honestly depend on what site you visit these last few days, but Nintendo did announce their Nintendo 2DS.

Alright, some people think it’s ugly and that it’s face is dumb.  That’s cool because we all have opinions and we are allowed to have them. So let’s start from there:

If it’s not for you, you don’t have to buy it.  I’m being honest here, you really don’t.  You’re not going to walk into a store and have someone break your knees unless you pick one of these up.  You can now rest assured.

I firmly believe that it’s designed primarily for young children.  If you think that “it’s designed for children” is a cop-out for Nintendo fans, that’s fine.  I believe that you are wrong, but once again, you’re allowed to be wrong.  It’s coming out the exact same time as Pokemon X & Y.

Does that release date look familiar?
Does that release date look familiar?

I know this will be hard to believe, but some people still don’t own a 3DS.  When Pokemon X & Y come out, how many kids will want one?  If you don’t believe in the selling power of Pokemon, you’re deluding yourself.  If you believe that there aren’t enough people out there that would rather spend $40 less for a 2DS than more for one with the 3D that makes a child’s eye explode (or something like that) you are again kidding yourself.  Yes you can turn off the 3D, but why when you can save money and not mess with settings?  (I’m all for people learning how to use technology, but sometimes teaching people how to go into options to turn things on and off is like pulling teeth.)

Two different colors... at least one is black and doesn't look like an abnormal apple.
Two different colors… at least one is black and doesn’t look like an abnormal apple.

This is a cheap alternative for some parents to pick up a 3DS (sorry, 2DS) for their kids and not have to spend to much.  Some parents will jump on this for the holiday season.  After all, when you save $40 (2DS is $129.99), you can then buy a second game or both versions of Pokemon.  I would honestly be surprised if this doesn’t sell well enough for it to be profitable.  They could get a Leapster or whatever they are called, but they don’t have the quality of games because they aren’t primarily targeted for that.  (Now they can get Professor Layton!)

The internetz may not appreciate this funky looking devise, but from a business perspective, it’s a great idea.  I won’t be picking one of these up, I’m still waiting for them to make a special edition Zelda 3DSXL with all of their pixel stretching glory.

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo 2DS: It’s Not That Bad

  • September 1, 2013 at 09:31

    I think this is brilliant. I could easily play this, and so could my 2 daughters. Leave it on a couch or on a counter, anyone in the fam can pick it up and play it. I’ve read that there’s a possible conspiracy with the price deduction coinciding with the pokeman game. If that’s even remotely true, again…brilliant. Nintendo will always be a contender.

    • September 1, 2013 at 14:22

      I’m not sure they’ll lower the price of the 3DS more for now. It’s at a pretty good price right now especially with the sales in different stores you consider. With the 2DS being $129.99, I think they probably feel they have they’re bases are covered.


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