(PAX West 2018) The Division 2

I was a bit disappointed with the first version of The Division. I never did finish my review on it either. That’s how excited I was about it. After playing it for a while, the only interesting looking thing about it was some DLC where you had to survive a severe winter storm. However, I got to play that by proxy as I watched a bud play that mode a few times. I had already given them enough money that go-round.

The Division 2 looked cool, but also looked exactly like the first one in a different location. Yes Ubisoft can make beautiful games, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I hated the bullet-sponge baddies in the first game. In the PAX West demo, it felt surprisingly light on that aside from the massively armored units. I was actually having a bit of fun with the game other than I hate using the Microsoft controller for shooters. Either way, after everyone on my team died, the demo was over for us. I decided to ask some of the people there about their decision to not make the enemies so beefy only to be informed that it’s a softened version for PAX. It should feel more normal in the retail version… and so, I probably won’t be picking this game up either. I’d rather have to use better tactics than a crap-ton of bullets in a game like this.

Further Reading On The Division 2: Official Page / Steam

Love it or hate it, let me know!