PAX West 2016: Frog Climbers

This reminded me a lot of one of my favorite Wii Fit U games where you climb up a mountain with the Balance Board and two Wii Remotes. It works in the same way of you controlling both your arms independently and then pulling yourself up. Even with Frog Climber’s mechanics explained, it was a difficult task to grasp at first.

There are many levels and obstacles to get into your way/help you up. You’ve got to line up your hand with a protruding ledge and then release the other hand. Rinse and repeat all the way up the mountain and victory is yours… if you beat everyone else that is. I was in the lead a decent chunk of the time but there were spinning wheels and swinging ropes all around the wall and I fell a few times. If you’re falling and you notice that you’ll pass another frog along your way, you can grab them as well and climb up from there. Other players also had grabbed onto bugs that flew them up ahead at times if they could grab a ledge properly. This might be a mechanic to help those who aren’t doing so well or some bonus I just straight missed. Either way, this was a fun title and could be a great party game.

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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