The Long Road Ahead

What exactly am I planning to do with TVGBL?  In my What’s This About? page I go into detail about how I’d like this to be a community, probably small, that can come out basically pick anyone out in the crowd of readers here and game with them and enjoy yourself.  Yes, I know, I do want this to be yet another corner of the internet where like-minded individuals can gather and talk about games both old and new and link up with each other on whatever platform of choice. There are a few things I will/would like to be adding as the time goes on.  I do apologize for the length of time, turns out having a kid takes a lot more of my time than I originally anticipated.  It will probably remain this way until they want less of me while my desire to hang out with them grows…. such is life.  So here’s a small list of things I want to start up and/or finish for TVGBL:

More reviews:  Both old and new, I’d like to get more content on this site.  I won’t be just throwing things on here as I do want to take the time and put my full thoughts into a review.  I’m also still trying to figure out my personal method of writing a review.  You all know that my rating system is similar yet oddly/strangely different than most sites and their “math”.   The meat and potatoes of the review is what I’m talking about though.  I still want them to be personal and informative while giving you a straight-up truthful look at a game.  I won’t hold back, if I think something sucks in a game, I’ll state it as such.  I make similar “demands” of those that join up with me.

Facebook is where "Topical Tagteam" will probably take place until we come up with something better or more convenient in the future.  Or, magically all our schedules just align...
Facebook is where “Topical Tag Team” will probably take place until we come up with something better or more convenient in the future. Or, magically all our schedules just align…

Topical Tag Team:  While the title is still pending, this is where myself and a few other chosen people will go into pondering, discussing, and debating certain topics.  I’m still working on fine tuning the method on how it will go.  I’d love it to be a podcast, but given schedules, time zones, and kids, it’s going to be in written format and making that legible (in my head at least) seems like a bit of work.  I trust this to be a fun new addition to the site when it gets nailed down and all the kinks worked out.  I am really looking forward to it.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I think you will.

The Backlog:  I should be finishing this since I’m still adding new items to my backlog.  Getting the older items out of the way should be more of a priority.  Also I want to work on updating it as I review games.  I’ve missed a few after writing a review and had to go back and edit.  It’s not horrible, but still makes me feel like a goof.

You know, I may feel less bad if I just took off that bit about adding more stuff at the top... or I could actually get around to it.
You know, I may feel less bad if I just took off that bit about adding more stuff at the top… or I could actually get around to it.

Forums: I would like to add forums to the site, but right now that looks like either a ton of work or more money.  As it stands with the reader count, I’m not sure I have enough to justify the expense.  That and I’d love to have the articles tied into the forums so comments would be matched and there wouldn’t be two different conversations going on about the same post.  It could get confusing if people just assume that it works like all other sites where comments posted on the site goes to the forums and visa versa.  Multiple conversations are cool, just as long as it’s clear what’s going on (as much as that’s possible on the internet sometimes).

Streaming: I’d love to do more streaming as well.  It’s not to shabby of an idea, but that would require me talking to myself for a while maybe… or I could just play and talk when someone comes into the channel.  After all, I think I’m just going to be recording the best moments on to my Twitch.TV page and not the whole play-through.  Once more, while that may be neat in the future, I don’t it would be worth the time investment.  Not that you guys/gals aren’t worth it mind you.  I just don’t think I’ve got the motivation lol!  I am picking up a few games that I can totaly do that with, though, so look for that in the future.  If you like me on the Facebook, I’ll try to post when I go live so you’ll get the update.

Coming soon to a stream near you (via the internet!)
Coming soon to a stream near you (via the internet!)

Giveaways: I really want to give more games away.  I still have a few giveaways waiting to start.  The big issue is lack of interest.  To those who follow this site, tell your friends.  Once I start seeing more people on my site and comments below, I’ll start up the giveaways again.  Who would have thought it would have been so hard to give good games away for free.  I know there is interest in indie games and there are some super awesome indie games out there and I’d like to help them get more coverage!  I really do think they will be rocking the proverbial gaming development boat.

Versus: This is another idea for articles that I had where I take two similar games, either genre or style, and compare them.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to compare XCOM: Enemy Unknown to Xenonauts and the original Mario side scrollers against the “New” ones.  I think this will also be fun.

Well that’s about it for now.  There wasn’t too much going on with the site so I thought I’d throw out an update to the masses.  Big thanks to all the people that frequent this site and to my good buddy James and all my future helpers that help make this site be as cool as it is.  Also, thanks to all those game devs and companies that have helped out with free copies/trials of their games.  (I sure hope that continues and grows.)  While TVGBL is not a lot at the moment, I’m still very pleased with where it’s at right now.  Here’s to many more years and continued growth!

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

2 thoughts on “The Long Road Ahead

  • July 27, 2013 at 18:59

    Thanks man for all the work you put into this site. I can relate with what it’s like to have wee ones in “need” of their parents. I also know what it’s like trying to kick something off online. Hope I can not only enjoy more content, but help out more in the future! You’re awesome!

    • July 28, 2013 at 08:17

      Thanks man, I appreciate your comments and your help. I look forward to what you’ll be writing about next!


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