PAX West 2016: Deadbolt

I’ve never heard of this game before, but I loved Risk of Rain a lot so when I saw these guys made another game and it was displayed in the Indie Megabooth, I had to check it out. While I didn’t do as well as I’d like, I was sold.

You play as the reaper and at first one may be upset by the content in the video, but rest assured, you’re killing the undead be they zombies or vampires. This stealth action game has a lot of different approaches to how you want to dispose of these creeps. There are over thirty different weapons to dispatch them with, however, you should be aware that they are also using them against you and you only have one chance because if you get stabbed or shot once, you’re down. It’s challenging, fun, has Steam Workshop support and brings back Hopoo Games‘ great pixelated look. Plus, it’s $10 and that’s a pretty fantastic price right there!

More Deadbolt info: Facebook / Official Page / Steam / Twitter

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

3 thoughts on “PAX West 2016: Deadbolt

  • September 2, 2016 at 19:49

    Looks great. However I do not think I’d be that great at it as my reaction speed has slowed way down over the years in games.

    Two of my old roommates are at PAX all weekend since yesterday until Monday. They were bragging about it for weeks, but I’m going to the beach with family to stay in cabins this weekend sooooo I’m not jealous at all. :^)

    • September 2, 2016 at 20:26

      No reason to be jealous personally. On another note, as this is a stealth action game, you’ll need more planning and critical thinking than just quick clicking. This is not a game to be played without patience lol. You can probably play this.

      • September 2, 2016 at 20:33

        Sweet. I may give it a try later.


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