Impressions: Avadon 2 – The Corruption

Not knowing how the first Avadon ends, I’m not quite sure if what happens in Avadon 2 is considered spoilers.  That said, Avadon 2 does feel like it has at least one major spoiler.  I’m not going to say, but just in case this game interests you, the first Avadon is a solid game, so pick up the first one now since it’s actually available.  While it’s not necessary to play the first to enjoy Avadon 2, why not support a great company?  Maybe you’ll be able to beat it before the sequel comes out on the 30th of October.

I’ve had comments on my stream that Avadon 2 looks more like an expansion than a sequel.  In case you’re wondering, it looks the same.  Loosely translated: awesome.  I continue to love the style that Spiderweb Software utilizes in their games.  It’s set in a retro, isometric point of view that Spiderweb Software shows, can hold up against today’s top RPGs.  While it may seem like an expansion to some, would that really matter?  Isn’t that just semantics if the game is around the same length?

This game may be pulling on my Ultima Online nostalgia strings... maybe.
This game may be pulling on my Ultima Online nostalgia strings… maybe.

Avadon 2, while still retaining the fantastic humor and great story telling, takes a more serious side of the Avadon world to me.  Most characters have a major issue that plagues them and while some are obvious, some take some progress into the game to figure out.  It’s like you’re building this elite team to take on whatever and through your adventures you continue to learn new things about your friends.  While other RPGs have this, Avadon’s methods of character progression feel more… natural.  That is honestly the best word for it.  It’s really something to experience.

The humor filled writing in the Avadon series is one of the main reasons I love the games.
The humor filled writing in the Avadon series is one of the main reasons I love the games.

Along the seriousness of Avadon 2, there is actually a characters that I don’t care for.  Had I not made my main character a Tinkermage, I may not have known how one played.  I just didn’t care for Alcander’s attitude.  There was a brief introduction to him and I immediately decided that he wasn’t going to be a part of my team.  All the characters in Avadon 2 seem to have personalities that, while probably fitting given the crap that is happening in the world, seem more serious and drama-ie (not usually my cup of tea).  The world provides enough positive vibes and comedic breaks to help elevate the mood so I guess it all balances out.

The Tinkermage's skill tree of niftiness!
The Tinkermage’s skill tree of niftiness!

With the introduction of the Tinkermage class, I’ve found that the tactics needed in a battle are a bit more important.  While I couldn’t just rub my face on the keyboard in Avadon: The Black Fortress and win, there is a bit more of an issue of positioning in Avadon 2.  This is a super welcome change as I love the micromanaging and picking the specific spots for fights.   Some of the turrets can shoot cones of damage out so I try to place some turrets in advance and stick my tank in front of them.  All’s fair in war and turret placement (that’s how the phrase goes right?)  On the other hand, you can’t control who your turrets attack or specifically where they get placed so there is some randomness thrown into the mix.  (Why can a Shaman control his minions, but a Tinkermage can’t?  Is it because turrets don’t have feelings?)

Avadon 2 also introduced places that you’re not supposed to go to yet.  I’m assuming that there will be a certain level I reach that will be the magic time to go back and collect what I’m assuming is epic loot, but I’m not to that point yet and I getting near level 20.

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A great example of a room that will just kill you.  I'm still not sure what level I have to be to defeat these rooms.

A great example of a room that will just kill you. I’m still not sure what level I have to be to defeat these rooms.

Over all, Avadon 2: The Corruption seems so far to be a fantastic addition to the series.  It’s more difficult than the first one (to me at least), there’s more depth to the characters, room to revisit certain areas, way to many quests for my OCD personality, and enough humor to make even dying a few times and coming back to kill a boss a joy.

I don’t see this game turning out to be another SMT4 impression scenario in case anyone is worried.  With the numerous choices I’ve been given, I’m sure I’ll be ending up with an ending I’ll be satisfied with.  I’ll probably even come back for seconds after I return and finish the first game.  Avadon 2: The Corruption is serious, morally tight-rope walky, funny, challenging, fun, and full of win.  I totally recommend picking this up when it releases.

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2 thoughts on “Impressions: Avadon 2 – The Corruption

  • October 16, 2013 at 23:09

    Looks like a deeply involving game. I will give the first one a shot ($10 on steam) and if I finish it I will pick up this one as well. Nice review!

    • October 17, 2013 at 04:28

      Thanks! Yeh, the Avadon series is quite fantastic, I hope you enjoy The Black Fortress. I think I am going to go back and finish that one soonish.


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