Loadout Is On Steam Early Access!

Warning: This video contains pretty violent cartoon violence with lots of blood and stuff.  If that’s not your thing, don’t watch this trailor!

Now that that’s over with, let’s just say that this game is a crap ton of fun to play.  With Early Access on steam you can join the Loadout community in three different ways of which I will now copy and paste via internet magic below:

  • The Pain Bringer Pack ($19.95)
    • This ver­sion includes imme­di­ate Early Access plus the full release. You’ll also get 16,000 Space­bux, seven days of XP boost, a stan­dard Grenade Launcher, Heal­ing Pulse rifle, Tesla Shot­gun, and a clothing-pack with 6 items to deck out your character’s appearance.
  • The Absolute Badass Pack ($39.95)
    • Includes every­thing in The Pain Bringer Pack, plus 19,000 extra Space­bux (that’s 35,000 total), all Tier-1 weapon parts, an extra seven days of XP boost (14 days total), a spe­cial Grenade Belt &Space­Dome hel­met, and a spe­cial Elite Badge that’s assigned to your gamertag which will show the world you helped make Load­out a badass game.
  • The Founder’s Pack ($89.95)
    • A Steam Early Access Exclu­sive! Name one of Edge of Reality’s enemy AI bots and leave your last­ing per­sonal mark on Load­outfor­ever. Peo­ple play­ing Load­out around the world will see your cho­sen bot name in-game, com­mem­o­rat­ing the great­ness of you or a loved one for the life of the game. You’ll also get every­thing from The Absolute Badass Pack, 25,000 extra Space­bux (60,000 total), and a full 21 days of XP boost. Last, but not least: Edge of Reality’s undy­ing love.

And there you have it folks.  Three different ways to show your love to Edge of Reality and the their creatively fun game.  It’s not super original, but it’s all that stuff you want in a lot of your shooters in one fun package.

In case you’re wondering, I actually do own this game and do enjoy it so I’m not just throwing out some opinion stuff here based on a video and some screen shots.  I do, however, play this game on the Crybaby and Cover It Up settings to not get all the gore and nudity that this game has.  It’s there for those that “want” it, but I don’t think it helps the game be any more fun.  The game is great as it is and doesn’t need that sort of gimmick/thing to get people over.  I could go on, but I’ll save that for the review.

Love it or hate it, let me know!