(PAX West 2018) Indivisble

Single-handedly, Indivisible is my favorite game at PAX West 2018. I had previously looked past it as another cutesy basic platformer. I was so wrong. The platforming action is surprisingly tight. Moving from running into combat is super smooth and rather cool since it turns the area you’re running around in into the locked battlefield. Combat was a mix of Action/timing and traditional turn-based. You have to wait until you have moves ready due to cool-downs, but once they were up you can spam them all at once or space them out to try to stop specific opponents from having a turn. While the punching is going on, you’re building up a power meter. This is used for special moves or for the defense of your characters. Obviously it’s more satisfying to unleash an awesome attack, but not getting punched hard in the face has its benefits. The joy of the combat does not come off in the videos or screenshots I’ve seen and that’s so unfortunate. Indivisible is awesome and any gamer that’s a fan of Action/Platformer games should keep a close eye on Indivisible.

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