(Impressions) Headsnatchers

Headsnatchers is a crazy Couch Co-Op game. At its current state it can come off as rather basic in the aesthetics department. I’ve said before that it isn’t really a big deal to me. If a game is fun, it’s fun. With all of the zany antics that can be had here, is this game needed in your library as opposed to another Couch Co-Op game? Let me break it down for you.

I’m come’n for you Zombies!

As I mentioned above, the aesthetics are rather basic (at this point in time) in a few of the levels. More colors will be added later and objects will be textured as well (I assume). Some levels look more finished than others, but all of the ones given are all working and they are varied (more on that later)! The main features of this game are the heads and the ripping off of said heads. You get the option to either play with a given head (which are pretty cool) and more are unlocked as you progress/play more of Headsnatchers. You can also craft one of your own and play with that against others. This is what some people may get stuck at for a while since there are so many options. In fact, there are so many stinking options for head sizes (which also gives you options on how many eyes you have or if you’ll get a nose) and the number of eyes and eye brows (and more) you can pick that I’m thinking one could almost make anything that pops into their heads. If you are one to get lost in character creation sections of games, remember to set aside plenty of time here. Even after you pick the object or feature you want, you’ll then have to color the different aspects of it.

Add an eyeball on top of your head… and then color it! Why not, right?

Now about ripping people’s head’s off. Don’t worry if you’re not one for gruesome and brutal combat. Headsnatchers is only really brutal in the fact that you’re ripping heads off, not in the action itself. It’s more like they are detachable. You’ll have to get an opportunity to grab someone’s head and pull it off with some button spamming. You can get knocked down or do the knocking with a shotgun, a slide tackle or take advantage of obstacles in the game proper. The opportunities vary with the levels. Some will have guns, but not all. If you choose that route, you’ll need to knock them down and then shoot them again. You can also wrestle it off their body as well if you chuck your gun first (which happens on accident for me a fair bit). If you slide tackle, you’ll also need to wrestle the head off of your opponent’s body. Some obstacles in the game will knock your opponent’s heads off and at that point you can go and grab them. If you get your head knocked or pulled off, then you need to get moving! You control your body and can either run after the one with your head in hopes to get yours back or take a chance to score the last point if someone else’s head is also rolling around.

These spike traps were the worst! I could not make it through to save my head, but I did feed my wife to a Zombie so… victory?

Once you have a head, what you do with it is up to the level… and I guess you in some sense. As opposed to getting a point, you could just run around with your buddy’s head… if you wanted to. To each their own though right? Rather than being “that guy/gal” you could choose to get points. In some levels you’ll need to kick the heads into soccer goals, punt them into field goals, feed them to sharks or flush them down toilets! There is more, obviously, but I don’t feel like making a list that long. There’s just a lot to do with heads here.

Basketball… with heads! That and springboards because generically white marshmallow people can’t jump (that high).

My only real problem, other than not having enough people to come over and make this worth it because it is a party game after all, if the loosing of my head. (There is online multiplayer, but for me, Couch Co-Op games are best played with buddies within arm-slugging distance.) It’s not a “get good” type moment either, it’s what happens when you are exposed and are able to have your head pulled off. It can feel like a very long time from when you fall on the ground and when you get back up and have the opportunity to try and regain your head. You spend some random amount of time rolling around on the ground. It also seemed like it took different amounts of time to get up every time and I couldn’t tell the difference between the situations. Do you have to spam buttons and if so which ones? Do you need to spin the joystick around? I don’t know. I think they should add some form of meter to let you know your progress on getting back up. That relieve some of the mental pressure that I, at least, feel. Other than that, we’re all good here.

Further Reading on Headsnatchers: Facebook / Official Page / Steam / Twitter

While it may not be completely detailed at this point (maybe), what’s here is solid enough to warrant a purchase if you need a party game or just some crazy-frantic gameplay in your life. Headsnatchers is outlandish and crazy and seems perfect for a game needed to lighten a mood and also, probably make some people want to punch you in the arm for a good slide-tackle/shark feeding combo. There are so many options here whether it being in the head creation process or which level to play in. There are a lot of hours of play to be had here and the mechanics are simple and varied enough to be welcoming to all.

Love it or hate it, let me know!