(PAX West 2017) Missle City: Aeroleague

Apparently Missle City: Aeroleague is a little like Street Fighter and lot like Windjammers. I’ve never played Windjammers, but I did get a chance to play this gem at the Seattle Indie Expo #7 this year during PAX West. While it looks pretty nifty, I’ll admit that a game where you throw a Frisbee back and forth doesn’t sound that fun or interesting to me. Missile City is far from boring though. With all the fireballs and sliding, it’s safe to say I was over my head when I played the first time.

Catching and throwing is all pretty fast paced and you’ve got to be watching and anticipating what your opponent will do. It’s pretty rough since the court is very small so you’ll think that you can cover everything. The issue is that I don’t anticipate very well at times. To add more fuel to the fire there is a meter that you can build up and do super moves. In the movie they showed a lot more than I experienced like that dragon-looking one! That was crazy! Had I known I could have used that, I probably would have stopped using the basic fireball even though it was pretty useful, after all: dragons.

All that said, I’m not sure I’m sold on Missile City: Aeroleague. Sure it was fun with all the sliding, scoring and fireball throwing, but in the end it is technically a sports game. I don’t tend to enjoy those that much in the long run. They tend to peter out on my interest meter. If this were free with some micro transactions for aesthetic changes I may check this out. As it stands though, I think I’ll let others who enjoy this game play it to infinity. Like I said, it’s a pretty solid title, but not my cup of tea.

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