Everything is “Awesome”

In case you missed it, there was a vote recently on the site. The offer went out to have anyone who wanted to help shape the future of this site to join up and vote. Turns out, only one person voted. That kind of sucks, but I understand. That’s also the whole point of the vote in the first place. This site is nothing special. You can go to any number of other sites and get reviews of certain games old and new and with other sites you can get the new ones on a more “timely” basis. This was never really the point of my site. It was only part of the point.

What I’m trying to get at here is that reviews, no matter how different the take I may want to take on them, don’t make a site. They could break a site, but they won’t make a site since every boy and mates can have a site now a day to share their particular perspective. So what sells a site? Commentaries on games, thoughts on the good and bad with how a game is going due to being released and having the hype train crash, and the odd bit of news done in a way that goes along with the narrative the reader is looking for. People log in to read someone’s ideas to either agree or disagree with the going hypothesis. The second bit that sells are comics because people love to relate and/or laugh.

All this is well and good, but I don’t have the time to continually write commentaries and or give up to date news and information on the latest bits that every other site does already or even the ability to draw unless stick figures are a legitimate form of art currently. I’ve been running solo for a long time and I get a lot of games that need to be reviewed. Most people don’t share the vision of what I’ve been trying to do here and I’m not about to put out a “now hiring” post because I can’t pay anyone anything. Not a lot of people in my life want to take the time to put forth the effort to do this job. I get that, but that still leaves me in the wind. If you don’t think reviewing games is a lot of work, then you’ve got another thing coming.

Every site has a schtick whether it’s being angry or screaming at jump-scares, The Backlog needs one as well if it’s going to be anything more than “just another game review site”. This may fall flat, or go over well. However, this does provide me with a fresh way for me to have fun with this site. Fist of Awesome is the first game on the list to be chosen and you’ll see how it all plays out in the next couple of months. The first game on the proverbial chopping block is Oceanhorn. I should have that review up before the 13th because my birthday is coming and I want to take a week off without feeling guilty.

I hope everyone that has visited The Videogame Backlog has enjoyed what I’ve tried to do and have been doing so far and I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve got up my sleeve for you.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig


2 thoughts on “Everything is “Awesome”

  • October 9, 2016 at 17:13

    I check this site bi-weekly and never saw the vote. Oh well. We’ve been super busy looking to buy a new home though.

    I’m not interested in writing reviews myself. It’s like youth ministry. You gotta have the heart for it. I certainly don’t have the heart for writing reviews on a backlog.

    The only time I have a desire to write a review is: a) I’m super bored and I kind of like a product so I think I’ll write a short review, b) I absolutely love a product and want to promote it, or c) I had a very bad experience with a product and want to make people aware so they are informed before they go off to buy it.

    People who have the heart for it will write a review regardless if they know they’ll love or hate it. Although most of the games you review you’ve enjoyed. I don’t think you’re going out and buying games you know you’d hate, play through them, then write reviews on (eg Barbie’s Dreamland).

    Honestly I’d get very burned out writing reviews for video games every week. It just doesn’t sound fun! I’m glad there are people who love doing it to keep people informed. <3

    • October 12, 2016 at 18:22

      I appreciate the appreciation dude! It can get tiring, but like you said, when you have the heart for something, you enjoy it. Tune in tomorrow for the version Vs. article.


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