PAX West 2016: Super Rad Raygun

Did you ever lament not being able to play games set in a world of only three-four colors from back in the Gameboy era? Well, even if you didn’t, you can experience all of the joy and magic with TRU FUN Entertainment’s Super Rad Raygun! Set in the year 198X, you take on the Soviets because they are taking over the US! Get on it!

I got my hands on this nostalgia ride through my youth at PAX this year and I was rather impressed. While it wasn’t perfect, it was enough to take me back and satisfy that itch. Packed with powerups and some battery-swapping mechanics, there is a lot going on under the hood here. Batteries you get throughout the game can be put into different areas of your robotic self and improve your jumping or give you a dash move along with other options. I’m ever impressed with pixel artists that create so many thing with such a limited palette. Newer gamers may be a bit frustrated with some of the level’s mechanics and enemy spawns, but if you’ve been gaming as long as I have, you’ll be transported back to your youth with ease.

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Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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