Itch’n For Some Twitch’n

I have missed streaming games on Twitch. It has been a long while since I officially streamed anything and i still look fondly back on streaming my ctOS challenges with you guys back when Watch_Dogs came out.

Well, now my computer has been upgraded a bit and my work schedule has been forcibly changed and I plan on streaming again once a week on Thursday nights, 9-10:30pm. I know this may not reach many people, but like I said, I really enjoyed talking with you guys when I did. I’ve even got a new mic that shouldn’t pick up on my breathing and keyboard/controller clicking! Man… that even bothered me!

So, to recap this really short article:
Channel Link!
-Starting Next Thursday, not today because I’m gonna finish up Agents of Shield with my wife tonight!


Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Love it or hate it, let me know!