Watch_Dogs Stream Challenge 6/5/14!

For all of those in the dark, Watch_Dogs came out on the 26th of May. That was a bit ago. I will be doing an impressions article since I don’t see myself beating this game anytime soon. However, I do want to get a bit of my community involved with my playing the game.


Some of you may know that there was a companion app that released along with it. In this app you get to take control of the cops and the city traps while the player has to reach certain checkpoints in a specified amount of time. You have to try and stop him. I’ve been really enjoying racing against the few that have challenged me to this already. I honestly hope I’m not one of the few; I doubt I am. I can’t be the only one enjoying this right?

I may not be the greatest driver, but every now and then I'll present a challenge!
I may not be the greatest driver, but every now and then I’ll present a challenge!

So then here it is; you’ll win nothing other than bragging rights, but I am challenging you guys! I’ll be streaming this on Thursday night this week post 8 or 9pm PST. I’m not sure exactly, but the latest will be 9pm. Bring your game face because I’ve been practicing. I’ve still little answer to the gas mains being blown, but that still feels a bit cheap to me right now. My in game name is Ailingforale; have at me! I’ll save the highlights of our matches on my Twitch page.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

Love it or hate it, let me know!