PAX Prime 2015: Lara Croft Go

I saw the Hitman Go game and didn’t give it much thought. I loved the main games and couldn’t fathom how this simplistic take on the franchise would work well enough. It’s one of the things where it looks like the developer may have stripped down too much to really carry over what one would usually love in a usual iteration of the series. I am happy to report that I am very wrong when it comes to Lara Croft Go.

Not only does Lara Croft Go feel very much like a whole Tomb Raider game, it does this in such a simple way that it blows my mind. The main pull here are the puzzles. They are fun and interesting in a way that just goes to show you that I don’t really have what it takes (at this current time) to craft a game such as this.

I had such a good time with Lara Croft Go that I’m just going to assume that I was very wrong to dismiss Hitman Go and I should be picking that up to support this interesting new take on series that I love.

More Lara Croft Go info: Facebook / Official Page / Twitter

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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