PAX Prime 2015: Mini Metro

Ever wanted to be a designer of a metro station, designed and optimized for the most efficient bit of travel for every person riding the Underground. Well, neither did I. In actuality I blew Mini Metro off at first. I only gave it a second look because I was blatantly curious. That and the quote by Rock Paper Shotgun gave me a laugh saying it was their “favourite game about stretchy lines in a very long time.” I can only agree.

I have grown very fond of Mini Metro in its simplicity; it’s rather amazing. It’s definitely minimalist and they’ve even added music to it now. Yes, that was an issue for a while. I actually didn’t realize it until I read that the audio was still being worked out. I think that was about three or four hours into playing the game that it finally clicked. The game really is that engrossing somehow. I got my first chance to play it with audio at PAX Prime this year and it doesn’t really add anything to the game as much as it compliments it very well. Well done guys; very well done!

If you’d like to check out a demo of Mini Metro just to get a feel for what I’m talking about, go visit their website without using Chrome. For some reason Chrome has removed support for the Unity web player and that’s just how it is. Then pick it up!

More Mini Metro info: Facebook / Official Page / Steam / Twitter

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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