Slowing This Train Down

So with the release of Hyrule Warriors and the recent birth of my second kid, all while having a job, I think it’s time to reevaluate what I do here. My second kid cut even more into my free time than I expected (yes, I should have known better, but still). She’s a bit more work than the first one was… or at least that I remember. My time for gaming has been cut down quite a bit, that is unless I just want to get less sleep. With two kids and my priorities in mostly the right spot, that’s not an option.

I haven’t really gamed much with my wife since my first kid almost two years ago. When Hyrule Warriors came out she put me on the Gamepad and took the big TV since it’s hard to nurse a newborn and play with the Gamepad screen only. (Or at least that’s the impression she’s giving me.) She does very well with a baby attached, I’m impressed. It’s all a very welcome change. One that also reminded me that I should be focusing more on the fun of the games instead of just trying to get reviews out the door. It’s what separated me from the big boys in the first place (at least in my head).

To be clear, I love like this site a lot. I do. It does have its stressing moments, but it has accomplished what it’s starting goal was: free games and access to PAX. This year I even got a second person into PAX Prime. (My goal hath been expanded on!) I’ve failed to gain a noticeable subscriber/reader base due to lack of advertising (read as: none). I already put a good amount of time and money into the site and was kind of banking on word-of-mouth. I would love to get more like-minded people here to reply, chat and game with. All things in good time I guess since that is the over-arching goal of The Backlog.

I’ve been trying to get at least one article a week out and while that may be enough time to do with one or none kids, I now have two. I think I’ll be slimming down my work load as to not make myself feel completely over-worked and the reviews rushed. Even if they are enjoyable (which I hope they have been), they can still feel rushed and I don’t like feeling like they were. I was trying, once again, to be just like the more “professional” sites in certain aspects and that’s simply out of my hands at this point/what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’ll probably just take some time off for about a week or two with the reviews. I think I’ll keep everyone updated with posts on Facebook and Twitter. They seem to be a pretty simple way of doing things like getting my thoughts out. I am working on a few things in my down-time and will continue to do reviews, but I’m trying to figure out how I want to approach this whole thing. Please bear with me as I try to get it sorted.

Thank you all who come here, I sincerely appreciate every article read and comment posted!

PS: It kind of kills me that I tried again with the giveaway and only got a few responses. On the plus side, everybody that did comment won a copy and they will be emailed shortly. I guess even Twitter can’t create miracles.

Jonathan Amarelo Sig

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