PAX Prime 2014: Fenix Rage

Fenix Rage is a blocky platformer that would seem to fit best on a 3DS or Vita. Gameplay, especially the old-school die-and-die-again kind, is this title’s main aim. Fenix, the main character, can air jump as many times as he likes, and he has a super-fast airdash that is quite fun to abuse. He has a few environment-based abilities, such as sliding down a hot wall to catch himself on fire, which allows air-dashing through ice blocks.

Truthfully, I don’t find anything wrong with the game and it’s joyfully super-responsive to my inputs, but for all that I just don’t care to push myself at improving. The relentlessly blocky nature of the game — not just the levels but the characters, enemies, powerups, etc. — just screams “indie dev with new tile engine” to me. Although some effort was made to create a mascot out of the main character, it’s hard to like someone who’s defined by their rage. Your mileage may vary, so I’d suggest checking it out yourself at

Ron Newcomb

Love it or hate it, let me know!