Monster Hunter 4 Vids

So it feels like Monster Hunter Ultimate came out not to long ago.  I have to admit that I do feel a little burned out but I still want to play it.  Life happens though, and the kid stops that from happening too much.  As much as I love the Monster Hunter franchise they have another one in coming up already and I have to ask myself, “Self, are you ready for that?”

This probably isn’t scheduled to come out anytime soon so it may give me enough time to reenergize my Monster Hunter desires.  I might have played even more aggressively if there would have been a larger community.  Maybe if Ultimate had a more modern online interface… or the Monster Hunter MMO came out in the US.  I’m not honestly sure though.

Judging by the videos, they have changed the levels and added new monsters and that was a main complaint jumping from Tri to Ultimate. That alone might be worth the cost of admission; especially if it makes it feel like a new game.  I’d love to spend money on games that don’t make me feel like I’m plopping down $40-$60 for the same game redone and not improved all that much.

Truth be told though, if this game came out next month I would probably not pick it up. Now if this comes out for Christmas or say sometime next year, I would have no doubt that it would find it’s way into my collection of games that take up more time than they should.  Until there, there is always Minecraft and GRO.

Love it or hate it, let me know!