TVGBL Enters The Nuzlock Challenge!


Jonathan Amarelo Sig

I association with, I’ll be joining up with some buds and some people that I don’t actually know and playing through Pokemon: Fire Red on what basically can be called a hard-mode.

Here’s the rules (modified from the original “nuzlocke challenge” to make it more of a pain in my butt) from TYTB’s site.

“The Rules:

  1. Not for the ‘Faint’ of Heart: If a Pokemon ‘faints’ it’s considered a goner. You must release it into the wild. No revives. If all of the Pokemon in your party ‘faint,’ it’s game over.
  2. One and Done: You may only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each area. You get one attempt to catch it. If the Pokemon faints or you fail to catch it, you’re out of luck. You may not catch two of the same Pokemon. Players can choose any of the three starter Pokemon.
  3. Doubles Second Chance Rule: If the first Pokemon you run into in a new area is aPokemon you already have in your party, you have a second chance to try to catch a different one. If you run into the same Pokemon twice in a row, you’re out of luck.
  4. Money Can Buy Love: You can buy any Pokemon being sold by the various NPC’s in the world, but you may only select one of the available Pokemon in the Game Corner. You can also trade your Pokemon to NPC’s.
  5. A Special Bond: Players must nickname all of their Pokemon. All of your Pokemon names must fit a specific theme. You can choose any theme you like. (Ex: Dragonball Z Characters, The Cast of Friends, etc.)
  6. The Elimination Challenge: Players will only have one opportunity to get as far as they can in the game. If all available Pokemon faint or if the player “blacks out,” the game and your challenge is over.”

Here’s the link to their original post.  Hopefully I’ll make it rather far and not die out in about an hour or two, but whatever I guess.  It’s all in good fun.

Also, now seems like as good a time as any to announce that I’ll be streaming my run through of the game on Twitch.  You can find my channel in the all new social media buttons.  While I couldn’t find a widget that had all the buttons I wanted, the twitch button is the “Link to my Website Page” button.  Or since you’re already reading this, you can just click this link here.

Love it or hate it, let me know!