Humble Bundle 5 Available!

So if you ever wanted to spend less on games, but still get games that don’t blow, the people over at Humble Bundle’s site have got the answer for you.  This time around they have

-Dungeon Defenders + All DLC
-Super Hexagon
-Beat Hazard Ultra
-Dynamite Jack
-Solar 2
-Nightsky HD

All look to be pretty solid.  I’ll be picking it up for about the $15 mark even thought I can pay $1.  You choose (as the video stats) how much you want to give and then how to split the money towards the game devs, charity, and or a tip to Humble Bundle themselves.  I keep meaning to get into this since it’s a great idea, so this time I’m just going to do it.

On another note, all of these games work on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android OS’s.  That’s cool, but what’s neat for me is that they give steam keys so I don’t have to leave the comfort of Steam.  It’s a nice box to stay in at times.  Did I mention that 5 of them supposedly come with the sound tracks as well?

So head on over to and give some money away, it’s for a good cause!

*Edit: Yes, hyperlinks galore!  I just didn’t want anyone watching the video and then scrolling down to try and find where to add the money since I don’t take money from you, I just make you spend it.  There’s a difference.

Love it or hate it, let me know!