Resident Evil Revelations – Non 3DS Version Vids

Warning: These videos have violence in them. Violence against mutant ugly things that are blatantly asking for bullets. I can’t help but support this kind of thing because in the Zombie Apocalypse, if you are willing to use a gun to off some zombies, you’d better find another place to hide that where I’m at.

This is kind of neat since I always liked a challenge and there were only a few parts of this game that gave me much of a challenge.

@1:18 is that 2nd player? I’ve no idea what Hunk is other than he was from Mercenary modes. The gameplay here looks to be a lot more fun and if there is actual coop in this console version, I may actually pick it up.  That would sell this version to me easy.

*EDIT: Oh yeh, the release date for this is listed as May 21, 2013.  Can’t believe I didn’t look for that at first.

Love it or hate it, let me know!