Path Of Exile Open Beta Up!

So the closed beta is done with and as of Today, you can get your grubby mits on a sweet ARPG that some say puts Diablo 3 to shame.  I’m not to sure about that, but it is very reminiscent to D2 and boasts some sweet scenery, action visuals and a skill tree that will blow your mine.  It kind of reminds me of FFX’s skill map.

Here’s a video the devs posted after changing some things up to show you how crazy the skill tree is.

So head on over and download the beta and let them know what you like and/or dislike.  Beta’s are for making games better, so go and make this game awesome!  If you’re a fan of ARPG’s, you should try this out.  I was in one of the closed betas and enjoyed myself quiet a bit.  Remember to have fun out there.

Love it or hate it, let me know!