(Review) SiNKR

Finding a decent puzzle game is tough for me. It has to be challenging, but it can’t be so hard that you would rather quit than beat it. There’s a balance to it. There’s also the challenge of creating something new and not ripping off another puzzle game. How many spins on the Match-3 genre do we really need? (I’m a sucker for a good Match-3 too!) If you’re going to copy, it has to be as good or better. If you’re going out on your own and creating your unique puzzle game, then it’s got to have a good hook to keep people interested and wanting to play. One game took that quite literally with the hook line and made SiNKR. How does it stack as a puzzle game? Let me break it down for you.

SiNKR really is impressive in the fact that it does have a new spin on puzzle games. Pieces will dragged across the board and pulled into their respective holes. It sounds pretty simple as what happens whenever you describe any puzzle game. It gets more complicated as there are crisscrossing lines that will drop the wrong shape into the wrong hole and you’ll have to start all over again. To be honest, I found the game to be rather simple in the beginning and while I was enjoying myself, I did lament the lack of challenge.

It only gets crazier from here when they start to utilize the teleporters as duplicators too!

The game does progress to add new elements like tiles that will send your piece across the board and other tiles that will teleport your shapes. This only gets more complicated as you progress in SiNKR. Eventually you’ll be dragging shapes to moving tiles into prepositioned hooks to catch and then send to teleports to send them into the correct holes.  As you’re well aware, that’s not all she wrote because eventually you’ll be given the ability to change directions of the mover tiles and where things will teleport to. I just wish there was more content. Maybe they could put in a create and share mode. This would be a good way to expand the library of puzzles. That’s a whole other can of developing worms and by no means a simple task though.

All that fluff being said, SiNKR is a rather short title. Once completed, there’s not much of a reason to go back and adjust your time since SiNKR doesn’t track your time. however, for a $1, there’s no reason not to pick this game up if you’re a puzzle fan! It’s a simple puzzle game that seeks to challenge you, not frustrate you with artificial barriers (which is pretty fantastic personally). Nearing the end, they had some real doozies and had me scratching my head, but in the end I triumphed. If you’re in the mood for a good puzzle game SiNKR will do you just fine. This is one to be experienced if only to know that there are still avenues of the puzzle genre that are still untapped.

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