(PAX West 2017) Beat Cop

Have you ever wanted to relive an 80’s cop show with all the perp-chasing, butt kicking and… ticket writing? Well, Beat Cop‘s got you covered! You play as Jack Kelly, a framed-for-murder detective demoted down to beat cop (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Your wife is a “money sucking spawn from hell”. Your boss treats you like garbage. With all of that, you still have to figure out who framed you while taking care of all of the individual tasks assigned to you. In case you think it will be a walk in the park, there are a ton of things to do!

That overwhelmed me at first, but then you are introduced to the cop you’re replacing and he says you don’t need to do everything on the list everyday, but you do need to maintain your ticket quota. That’s where the game left me. I had caught a perp and had a vehicle towed away. I had fun and I enjoyed the banter. This task run-a-muck seems to go both ways to some people. Some people find it utterly repetitive while others enjoy the challenge. I’m not sure which end of the spectrum I fall on, but I do have a copy now and it’s definitely in the “to do” category.

Beat Cop is more of a point-and-click adventure and usually those wear on me. The main difference this go around is that you’re actively doing something. You’re either going somewhere to meet someone or chasing after another. Regular PnC’s have you running back and forth to figure out which thing you’re supposed to click on and in which order. Then you’re rewarded with something else to click on. Beat Cop thankfully isn’t like that. While I want to say I’d recommend it, it may not be for everyone, but like I said, I’ll let you how much fun I had in my review.

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Love it or hate it, let me know!