The Versus Thing And Where It’s Going *Updated*

So for those of you who haven’t noticed a certain trend in my reviews lately, they’ve been a little different. The thing is that everyone and their mother can have a review site. In fact, there are a crap ton of them out there. Do I want my site to be “just another review site”? No, I really don’t. I need something that sets this site apart. I may have given up on taking this site anywhere with advertising because I’m still unsatisfied with the general setting. I don’t think I’ve got enough of a hook to keep people that they just can’t get somewhere else. Is my opinion better? Of course it is! Do I write like I talk at times and can that come of as sincere or unprofessional, yes definitely. Do I care? Kind of, I mean, would I continue to put this much thought and effort behind something without really caring about it? No, I would not! I’ve been working with this website for a little over four years, I would like to see more people frequent it!

I’ve put up about five of them now and they’ve met with mixed review. Some people believe that it works and that the idea is interesting. Some don’t understand what in the crap I’m doing (sometimes I don’t either). I got a reply on one of my reviews asking why I would compare two completely opposite games. That’s the whole point isn’t it? Why would anyone? Because it’s kind of funny. If a website needs a schtick, maybe this actually could work somehow and I just haven’t figured it out. Like I said, anyone can write reviews and many people do already.

Maybe my problem is that they need to be more funny. I worry about this one. If it ends up being too goofy, would the PR people see what I’m doing here and stop giving me games to review? I’m still reviewing them, just differently. I believe that is what I set out to do, but I try to stay so focused that I lose goofy along the way. This could be the core of my problem. However, there is something to be said about taking something so odd like this seriously as well…

I could stick it out a bit longer going for the non-serious approach. Have I not given it enough time? I could also go back to doing regular reviews and do a comparison with all of the games that got “Tasty!” with my all-time favorite game (in which case I’d need to do some soul-searching) and see how they compare to it and if I’ve now found a new favorite game. Maybe something else entirely! (I wouldn’t know what that would be.) What do you guys think? Leave your comments below!

*Edit* In writing the review for Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure, I think the reviewed game gets lost in the humor of it all and it will probably be my last.

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